Chống sét van Toshiba, Surge Arresters Toshiba, RVLQC-nnPLHY, RVLQD-nnHPLHY, RVLQC-nnHPLHY, RVLQB-nnHPLHY

Chống sét van Toshiba, Surge Arresters Toshiba, RVLQC-nnPLHY, RVLQD-nnHPLHY, RVLQC-nnHPLHY, RVLQB-nnHPLHY

Chống sét van Toshiba, Surge Arresters Toshiba, RVLQC-nnPLHY, RVLQD-nnHPLHY, RVLQC-nnHPLHY, RVLQB-nnHPLHY


Surge Arresters

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Servicing the North American Market

Toshiba has been recognized as a global leader in surge arrester technology for more than a century. With a range of 69 to 765 kV, the Toshiba high-voltage product offering includes gas insulated substations, porcelain, polymer-type, and transmission line. High-performance zinc-oxide elements enable a significantly reduced product size and weight, saving on shipping costs and footprint.

Applications include substation equipment, AC to DC converters, railway power systems, and power distribution. Distribution-class and railway-type surge arresters are available for lower voltage applications.

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Directly Molded Polymer Surge Arresters

Ideal means to reduce environmental impact

Up to 420kV, Comply with IEC60099-4, Line discharge class 2-4

+ Long-life performance (Hydrophobic silicone rubber)

+ Application of environment-friendly materials Lead free materials used

+ Safer short-circuit performance (directly molded structure)

+ Short lead time (Self manufacturing of arrester housing and ZnO elements)

+ Less transportation load during delivery and material purchasing (lightweight design)

+ Easy installation without special equipment and can be used with simple support structures (lightweight design)

Directly molded polymer surge arresters for the reduction of environmental impacts.
As concern about global warming and environmental destruction increases, there is growing demand to reduce the environmental impact caused by power transmission and distribution equipment. Toshiba supplies directly molded polymer surge arresters with leading features and reduced environmental impact from manufacturing to operation, by using its excellent ZnO elements and silicone molding technologies based on its experience of manufacturing surge arresters since 1900.
1. Features of Toshiba polymer surge arresters
* Long-life cycle design
-Ideal designs and development and verification by sophisticated analysis techniques.
-Improved pollution characteristics by hydrophobic silicone rubber
-Improved water resistance by silicone rubber and ZnO elements (Lead-free glass is used on the sidesurface insulator)
*Improved safety for nearby operators and equipment
-No gas space in the arrester housing and pressure relief by splitting the silicone rubber
*Improved fire safety after pressure relief
-Self fire-extinguishing in emergency case of pressure relief by using high quality fire-retardant silicone rubber
*Improved protective characteristics by adjacent installation
-The expectation of longer life cycle of protective equipment thanks to improved protection by adjacent installation
lReduction of environmental impact during manufacturing -Reduction of environmental impact during purchasing transportation (Application of lightweight materials) -The application of silicone housing which does not need high-temperature sintering during manufacturing
*Reduction of manufacturing lead time -Self-manufacturing of ZnO elements and self molding of silicone housing
*Manufacturing for long-life cycle -Quality control by ISO9001 and ISO14000 certified manufacturing line
*Reduction of environmental impact during delivery transportation - Compact and lightweight design
*Easy installation
- No need for special heavy equipment during installation - Application possibility of simple support structure
*Long-life performance
Toshiba polymer surge arresters continue to show optimum performances even under extreme environmental conditions with heavy pollution, or in industrial, coastal or desert areas thanks to the use of silicone rubber which remains hydrophobic throughout its life cycle. These long life cycle performances have been fully verified by detailed evaluations such as pollution tests, boiling tests, long-term life performance tests in a coastal area, and other tests.
*Compact and light weight design
Toshiba polymer surge arresters can be reduced in size and weight by applying ZnO elements with high energy absorption capability and the silicone directly mold design. Toshiba’ s surge arresters do not require special heavy equipment thanks to their compact and light weight design, making installation easier. In some case, installation of surge arresters on a very simple support structure or an additional structure can be available.
*Highly safe short-circuit performance
Toshiba’ s polymer surge arresters have a structure in which an internal section with stacked ZnO elements is directly molded by silicone rubber. Because there is no gas space in the arresters and thanks to the suitable design of the internal section, pressure can successfully relief by splitting the silicone rubber, thus preventing the internal parts from bouncing out in emergency case of a short-circuit caused by a surge arrester failure .