SF140A-NE, SF140A-NEC, tủ cắt lọc sét 1 pha 40A, tủ cắt lọc sét LPI 40A, tủ cắt lọc sét 40A

SF140A-NE, SF140A-NEC, tủ cắt lọc sét 1 pha 40A, tủ cắt lọc sét LPI 40A, tủ cắt lọc sét 40A

SF140A-NE, SF140A-NEC, tủ cắt lọc sét 1 pha 40A, tủ cắt lọc sét LPI 40A, tủ cắt lọc sét 40A


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LPI® SST Surge Filters

• High performance surge protector for an operating voltage of 200 - 240Vac
• Designed to withstand fault and over-voltage conditions of up to 385Vac, as per IEC61643
• Impulse discharge current 100kA + 50kA 8/20µs Ph-N
• Three stage protection provides highest level of protection for sensitive electronic equipment

Product Description
• Designed to suit TT, TN-C, TN-S, TN-C-S & IT distribution systems
• Non-saturating inductors – dv/dt of the incoming surge reduced up to
1000 times
• Primary (100kA 8/20µs) and secondary (50kA 8/20µs) surge protection
• High N - E protection rating – 100kA 10/350µs or 150kA 8/20µs
• Status indication and optional surge counter

Electronic equipment is highly susceptible to damage from lightning and other transient pulses (including man made switching transients), which arrive via the powerlines through direct strike, or inductive and capacitive coupling. Efficient filtering and clamping at the point of entry of power feeds to sensitive electronic equipment is essential to mitigate physical equipment damage, loss of operations and economic loss.

The LPI Surge Filter provides multiple stage protection against incoming surges & transients and shall be installed in series with the incoming 200-240Vac single phase (Phase – Neutral) mains power supply to the equipment or building. Shunt-only clamping alone is not sufficient, as it does not limit the excessive wavefront characteristic of the pre-clamped waveform.

The LPI Surge Filter will reduce the rate of rise of voltage (dv/dt) to below 15V/0s as per AS1768 Cat B 3kA (8/20µs) applied impulse and to below 30V/0s for AS 1768 Cat C 20kA (8/20µs) applied impulse.
The Surge Filter is designed for multistroke lightning events and comes with the SST (Smart Surge Technology) as the primary protection, rated at 100kA 8/20µs per phase, as the first stage to absorb the majority of the energy. The SST offers the ultimate level of safety and reliability whilst retaining optimum protection levels critical for electronic equipment. SST ensures that the protection device is virtually immune to the effects of 50/60 Hz sustained over voltages, allowing fault voltages up to 385Vac, in accordance with IEC61643 requirements.

The second stage consists of low pass non-saturating inductors and capacitors (L-C Filtering) which further attenuates the let-through voltage already clamped by the primary stage. The filter attenuates noise and any harmonics present on the power system and is designed to attenuate transverse and common mode noise. The third stage consists of further surge diverters rated at 50kA 8/20μS connected across the load side. These are designed to suppress surges generated by load side equipment.

LPI Surge Filter limits the voltage differential due to a lightning induced impulse between phase and neutral as well as from neutral to ground. Thus providing both common mode and differential (transverse) mode protection. Neutral to earth protection rated at 100kA 10/350µs (150kA 8/20µs) is provided to limit feedback currents if the site earth goes high potential with respect to the sub-station or transformer earth. This is a common occurrence due to a near-by direct strike.


LPI® SST Surge Filters

Rated voltage:

200 – 240Vac Ph - N @ 50/60Hz

Max continuous fault voltages @ 50/60Hz:

385Vac, as per IEC 61643 requirements

Operating time:

< 1ns

Power distribution systems:


Primary surge protection rating Ph-N:

100kA 8/20μs single shot surge capacity

Secondary surge protection rating Ph-N:

50kA 8/20μs single shot surge capacity

N – E protection:

100kA 10/350μs or 150kA 8/20μs

Protection Modes:

Transverse and common mode


Non-saturating, low pass, power and noise filtering

Capacitor type:

Self healing polypropylene

Surge counter (Optional**):

7 Digit electro-mechanical display

Current crest factor:

> 3:1

Voltage drop:

< 2V at full load



Overload / short circuit protection:

In-line circuit breaker


Typical let-through voltage < 600V

Filter 3dB point:

Approx 6000Hz.

Standards (Primary and secondary):

IEC 61643-1, Meets UL1449 Ed 3 requirements

Standards (N - E):

IEC 61643-1

Surge withstand:

Cat. A,B and C surge tests ANSI/IEEE C62.41 and AS 1768

Protection status indication:

Status indication, and remote alarm contact

Environmental rating:

IP 65


Metal enclosure with durable polyester powder coat finish


Oyster grey


Wall mount

Operating temperatures:

0 to +50°C, 0 – 95% humidity 1

Conductor size:

Accepts up to 35mm2


5 Years manufacturer’s warranty

1 SF363A operating temperature 0 to +45°C at maximum load